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Zen And Minfulness With Dogs
Holger Junghardt


Holger Junghardt, Zen And Mindfulness With Dogs, Books on Demand, 2018, ISBN 978-3-7448-6652-1
paperback, format 12 x 19 cm, 59 pages, EUR 3,90

There is also a German version


This little booklet can help you to understand dogs betteou r. If yhave no idea about dogs, you will get a first overview for a small price.
Zen practice helps to develop mindfulness and compassion and to better understand reality.
Mindful handling of dogs means species-appropriate dog ownership.

Apprenticeship as a dog trainer in the dog school of Rita Kampmann, Munich, Germany, and then studies as a Dog Psychologist nTR with Thomas Riepe.
Practical experience in the dog school, in a dog daycare center and over 18 years with an own dog.
Buddhist background: mindfulness in everyday life for many years, meditation and visit of Zen retreats and Dharma lectures.


Do I have to become a Zen monk?
What is the meaning of mindfulness?
And how does it work in practice?
What is the nature of dogs?
What about dominance?
Do dogs have conscience?
How are dogs trained?
Why do dogs bark?
What are calming signals?
How do I know if a dog is aggressive?
Should I get a dog?
Does the breed matter?
When can I get a puppy home?
What supplies do I need for a dog?
Which food is best for my dog?
What is toxic for dogs?
How do I give first aid to a dog?
How to house train a puppy?
Can I leave my dog home alone?
How do you recognize a good dog school?
What should I do when the dog is pulling on the leash?
What should I do when there is trouble with other dogs?
Should I have my dog castrated?
What games are right for dogs?
Are throwing and pulling games suitable?
How do I teach "sit" and "down"?
What commands are also important?
What do I do when the dog goes out for hunting?
What do I do when visitors are welcomed too enthusiastic?
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Holger Junghardt